Practical plans

We don’t claim that privacy compliance is simple. It’s not. There is no silver bullet. But, we also don’t overwhelm you with complexity. Privacy compliance is doable!  We believe in practical, sustainable approaches to privacy compliance. We won’t engulf you in a traditional gap assessment involving dozens or hundreds of questionnaires nor leave you with a one-time compliance checklist and no resources left over.   We help you get where you need to be by:  

  • Understanding and identifying your requirements.
  • Identifying your risk profile, your resources and your business objectives.
  • Baselining what you already have in place and identifying critical gaps.
  • Prioritizing according to which initiatives will have the greatest impact first.
  • Identifying which tasks most need funding and which are a drain.
  • Using standard privacy frameworks vs. compliance checklists (one privacy program may address multiple laws).
  • Taking a hard look at when privacy software can help and when it can hinder.

Operational know-how

Privacy law compliance is becoming operational. It is much more than legal understanding and a one-time checklist. Increasingly, regulators expect companies to be able to demonstrate an ongoing capacity to comply. Boards and senior leadership are expecting regular status reports. Investors spurn companies that have not considered privacy compliance. Our practical plans lay the roadmap and give you confidence. Operational know-how turns the plans into continual, purposeful action. Put together, you will have a privacy compliance story you can positively defend. We support you by:

  • Leveraging what we know will work and what can be sustained.
  • Executing on the most impactful initiatives first.
  • Developing practical documentation so you can more easily report on compliance.
  • Where possible, leveraging existing business processes.
  • Using proven methodologies in privacy project management and  privacy management accountability.
  • Working alongside your legal advisors for an efficient outcome.
  • Helping to optimize your use of privacy software.

Privacy professional expertise

Some companies benefit from a dedicated privacy professional.  Others have complex needs and value access to a range of subject matter and industry experts.  Each BlueSky Privacy member  leverages 7-20+ years of operational experience. Whether you need an individual or a multi-disciplinary privacy team, they can hit the ground running. You gain talent without increasing your headcount. You benefit from the experience of:

  • Former Chief Privacy Officers and other privacy leaders
  • Consultants with backgrounds from the Big Four or top law firms
  • Privacy project managers
  • Certified privacy software administrators
  • Sector-specific privacy experts (e.g. AdTech, Financial, Manufacturing, Health)
  • DSAR specialists
  • EU privacy specialists
  • Privacy by Design specialists