Can Depth Psychology Offer Solace in an AI-Transformed World?

Nov 28, 2023 | T's Notes

AI-Transformed World

Can Depth Psychology Offer Solace in an AI-Transformed World – Lately, as I peruse various privacy newsletters, including the one I contribute to, I find them brimming with updates about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and simultaneously I find the increasing need to unplug! The rapid pace and magnitude of these transformations in our world can be staggering, and it has often left me oscillating between feelings of excitement and dark trepidation regarding all the possibilities. In one of those darker moments, when I felt the scale tip toward overwhelming uncertainty, I sought out a book by James Hollis that had impacted me in my early 30’s: “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Your Life.” That led me to a refreshing discovery of many books he had written since that time and I delved into, “Living Between Worlds: Finding Personal Resilience in Changing Times.” Revisiting his thinking at this stage in my life struck new chords within me. Hollis, who is known for his profound insights stemming form depth psychology, offered to me a unique perspective on navigating the complexities of our new AI-driven life. I found that his book became my new guide and journey into understanding how our inner worlds can shape our resilience in the face of profound external upheaval.

In most of Hollis’ writings and reflections as a depth psychologist, he speaks of drawing upon our deep-seated wisdom, creativity, and connection to something larger than ourselves. For me, this message resonates deeply in our new AI-dominated era. His emphasis on the inner wellspring of resilience beyond the ego, accessed through tools like philosophy, dreamwork, and myth, is particularly inspiring. [I have always appreciated dream analysis and admit that I am now using several AI tools as dream interpreters. I am astounded by the output!]. Hollis’ perspectives remind me that, amid the rapid advancements and uncertainties brought by AI, our humanity – our capacity to reflect, dream, and connect with our inner selves – remains our most steadfast ally.

As we now experience, not only day-by-day but second-by-second, that continual expansion of our boundaries regarding what is possible, I appreciate more than ever these time-tested insights by Hollis about our enduring human longings and essence. It boldy reminds me that the challenges we face, though technologically advanced, are fundamentally human, as they have always been. As we grapple with ethical dilemmas such as the redefinition of work and the blurring lines between human and machine intelligence, I feel that this timeless wisdom becomes not just relevant but essential.

For me, revisiting Hollis’ profound work is a welcomed reminder that in the midst of profound external changes, our internal landscapes hold the key to resilience and meaning. As AI reshapes our world, Hollis’s teachings urge us to anchor ourselves in the enduring human qualities of wisdom, creativity, and inner strength. I’d like to imagine that this be our true north in navigating the uncharted waters of our AI-transformed future. May it be so.

Teresa (T) Troester-Falk, Founder, BlueSky Privacy

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Teresa Troester-Falk
Teresa Troester-Falk

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